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Salt dough baby hand prints


Salt dough baby hand prints

Mr. R turned one a few weeks earlier and I couldn’t get his hand imprints yet.  This year passed on very quickly. So I decided to take his imprint by using the same old salt dough technique.

Things we need for this inexpensive art are as follows

1 . 1 Cup salt

2. 1 Cup plain flour

3 . 1/2 Cup water  to mix

Take everything in  a bowl and mix with some fork until get a play dough consistency. Add water if you need more.  Pat it in a shape that you would like it in.

I gave it a heart shape.

Now the biggest job is to get baby hand and foot imprints.  Mr. R is very confident walker and it’s almost impossible to keep him in place.  So I buckled him up in the high chair and then pressed his tiny foot and hand against the dough.

After a few attempts I got the perfect imprint then put it into the oven to bake for an hour.

The result was impressive. Now the only thing left is to colour in some cute baby blue paint.

Ta-da it’s baked and ready to be painted by Mr. N.


Peter Pan outfit for the World Book Day


I know a lot of parents who buy expensive dressing up cloths for the kids on dress down days such as World Book day. However I always try to find some thing that we could make and enjoy.  Moreover handmade diys are always unique.

So last year when in P1 whole class was deciding on which costume to buy we came up with Peter Pan outfit.  A close look at things we already had and j knew I could pull it off.

It needed very little preparation as I had a green t shirt that I wouldn’t mind cutting and teamed it up with Peter Pan colors made from the triangles cut from the bottom to make fringe and sewed in the neck.  A green bottom line,  matching wellies.


Mr N made a cardboard sword and paper plate cap with red feather.  It all look fantastic together.