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Quickest ever Pop up card


Mr N’s very excited today. He wants to do some quick craft to show daddy. Daddy promissed a play in the park when he gets home after office if Mr N can show him somethinv new.

Well it means mum need to get ready. I left Mr N to think over some ideas while I made Mr R sleep.

And this is what he came up with. He wants to make a Pop up card. And to my surprise he already knew what he wanted. And I was handed over a sheet of things he  needed.

1. A piece of card stock

2.another piece of card stock in a different colour

3. Scissors and glue

Thats it.

With a very little help, Mr N folded one card in the middle, and made six cuts on the edge, when I enquire d why six he said he wanted three pop ups to make it special. Next he drew a man, a flower and a PAW .. wait a paw. Whats that for?

popup 1411476036652

Mr N calmly replied while gluing the pieces together,” it’s to remind dad for the pet he promissed to buy me for my birthday. ” wow this boy sure knows his way. Now I can possibly imagine what man and flower are for.

So the card is ready to be doddled upon. I would rather  have him with some crayons to go crazy with.