Old Mc Donalds Farm


We have been practising some rhymes with my little one. Oh, and Mr R really loves to dance and imitate the songs and rhymes.but that usually excludes Mr N who thinks he is rather a big  boy to sing along with the baby. So to finally making both of them enjoy together and have a  playful approach to craft we decided to make a farm to depict Mr R’s favourite rhymes and let Mr N run his imagination wild and have a great time together.

We collected all the scraps, old toys buried deep down the toy box, opened the craft box and picked nice stuff that would go with the theme, and little plastic farm animals and we also used some Easter decorations too.

Mr N  planned a farm on the paper and cut a cardboard base out of packing materials. then covered it with a base paper. we didn’t have green paper so we coloured it green. While paint dried we made the barn with leftover cardboard then covered it with lollipop sticks.


wpid-20140427_214339.jpg wpid-20140427_214323.jpg

we finally added the paper shredding from Easter decorations for crops and put some farm animals around. Mr N suggested we should also add a pond for the ducks so that Mr R could sing five little ducks too.

The end result was very pleasing. Children enjoyed playing and singing loads of rhymes together for a very long time.




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