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Valentine hearts cutlets with raw banana


I feel very romantic posting this recipe for the valentines day.
I loved making it and it took not a lot of time to put it together.

The ingredients are as follows.

Valentine banana patties

For patties or cutlets

1. 2 Raw bananas
2. 1 /2 cups of blanched frozen peas
3. 2-3 bread slices crumbled
4. Mix spices or season
5. Pinch of salt
Boil bananas for 15 min and peel and smash in a bowl. Add spices, bread crumbs, chopped Corriader mashed peas into it.
Make small balls and pat them flat. Make a dip in a place and pinch the patties to make a heart shape. Now theg can be shallow fried on frypan or just spyar with some olive oil and air fry in an airfryer.

Mint and Corriader chutney

For the chutney or dip

1. A bunch of Coriader leaves
2. Half a bunch mint leaves
3. 1 whole garlic peeled
4. 1/4inch ginger
5. A few green chillies
6. Salt
7. 2 tsp Lemon juice
8. 2 medium soft and juicy tomatoes

Grind all the ingredients for the chutney in a grinder except salt and lemon to a fine paste. And pour in serving bowl. Now add salt and lemon according to your taste.

Now serve with all the love you have on the plate and enjoy.

Note: All of my recipes can be changed according to taste. You can easily change the amount of salt, spices and lemon juice in chutney and patties to your taste.