Valentine hearts cutlets with raw banana


I feel very romantic posting this recipe for the valentine’s day.
I loved making it and it took not a lot of time to put it together.

The ingredients are as follows.

Valentine banana patties

For patties or cutlets

1. 2 Raw bananas
2. 1 /2 cups of blanched frozen peas
3. 2-3 bread slices crumbled

4. Mix spices or season
5. Pinch of salt
Boil bananas for 15 Min and peel and smash in a bowl. Add spices, bread crumbs, chopped Coriander mashed peas into it.
Make small balls and pat them flat. Make a dip in a place and pinch the patties to make a heart shape. Now the can be shallow fried on fry pan or just spray with some olive oil and air fry in an air fryer.



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