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Sweet & Sour Cranberry Pickle



Winter is dull but berries are not only colourful they are full of taste and health benefits. I see the supermarkets and wholesale markets are selling the berries in really great prices I can’t wait to stuff our tummies with the goodness.

Though all berries are beautiful I figured not all of them are tasty. I mean I like to eat strawberries with chocolate dip or cream but don’t like it in salad and I truly hate blueberries. Aha, what I found in market today, a bowl full of cranberries. yummmmm.

Today I rang up my mum in India and asked what to do with them as Mr N refused it in breakfast. As always mum had plenty of scrumptious recipes to share. I picked the one I always had as a kid but forgotten the flavour over the years. My mouth almost got moist with the mare thought of it. So here it goes.

To make this beautiful and extremely quick pickle take a large bowl of cranberries washed in clear drinking water. and halve them all removing any seeds if you see. I just plain rinsed them altogether in colander to remove any leftover seeds.

Next in a wok warm up half a teaspoon of olive oil however you can choose anyone you like and when its ready add 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds and 1/4 tsp of fenugreek seeds. When they start crackling and smelling heavenly you are ready to add the berries straight to wok. mix them all together and remember a very low flame as berries are really soft and cook very soon. Cover the lid. After a minute add a big spoon full of sugar(may be a bit more) and mix properly. The berries will look really nice and juicy.


At this time add pinch of broken dry red chillies (I added 1/2 tsp)according to your taste and a pinch of salt too.Mix them all thoroughly and leave to simmer for another 2 minutes and your pickle is ready. Cool it down on wire cooling rack and pour it in a mason jar or any leftover jam jars and put it in the fridge

This pickle tastes awesome as a filling in wraps and also as a topping on crackers with cheese for tea.