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The Lego minifigure as a quick world book day solution


This was my very quick costume with absolutely no money spent on whatsoever.
I believe in not spending money to raise money rather if the objective is to raise money why not give more and be creative.
This year Nishu chose to be a lego man though I offered him to be minion because they are soooooo cute. But Nishu was firm on his choice so we ended up with this crazy idea of making a simplest Emmet from a card board box. Cut into shape and covered in papers as base and paper cloth it was already in good shape. I didn’t spend much time making it very firm because I knew it wouldn’t stand till noon and I could easily stash it in recycle bin on the way back from school. I used some masks printed on the card paper and laminated it. I downloaded them from here.


He looks absolutely adorable in these. All the hard work if any paid well.